Who is Feezo?

Felix Hamilton is a Chicagoland native with over half a decade of experience making music and creating content.

Being surrounded by music and art from the very start of his life, Felix developed a love for creating and expressing his artistic vision.

When he picked up beat-making as a hobby in early 2017, little did he know that it would perfectly combine with his pre-existing love for making YouTube videos to create a lifelong passion.

Today Felix has gathered a following of close to 40,000 wonderful subscribers on YouTube, and continues to think outside the box to create entertaining and informational content in the realm of music production.

With a wide skill set and an ever-growing list of other hobbies, health and fitness, self-improvement, nature, photography, exploration, fashion, cooking, gardening, etc, Felix has endless possibilities to explore and pursue in the future.

He hopes you will join the team and experience the journey of life alongside him.