Any sample pack or drum kit purchased from "" is under a non-exclusive license. Feezo reserves the right to issue any other licenses in respect of the sample pack, and no ownership rights in the sample pack (including, without limitation, any sounds and melodies therein) are being granted hereunder.

Sample packs (including but not limited to melody loops and midi files) are 100% royalty free if they are used in a production released by an independent artist (i.e., an artist not signed to a record label).

If a sample pack (including but not limited to melody loops and midi files) is used in a production or placement with an artist signed to a record label (including any “major” label such as a label owned or distributed by Sony, UMG and WMG), the samples must be cleared separately with feezo before any release from a record label, and feezo reserves the right to: (i) require a master royalty and publishing interest in such record label release in exchange for granting such clearance and (ii) elect not to provide clearance for such record label release if a royalty and publishing interest is not mutually agreed between the artist and feezo, in which case neither you nor the artist nor applicable record label shall have any right to use the sample pack and the applicable license will be terminated.

{contact for sample clearance requests}

All of the rights to sample packs released on "" remain 100% with feezo (Felix Hamilton).